December 16, 2021Updates

New website, who this?

New website, who this?

Welcome to the new Basement Theatre website! Do you love it?

When CNZ introduced their adaptation fund last year, we seized the opportunity to create a bespoke website that could champion artist’s work and connect us closer with our community. 

The new website is incredibly adaptable for what we need now and in the future. We can  host all the groundbreaking shows, events and art that come into our space as well as the work performed on virtual stages in a way that we couldn’t do before. We want to platform more artist’s work without barriers and create digital experiences for our community to enjoy. 

We want more of our community to enjoy the website too, so part of our journey to make experiences more accessible, the website was built with accessibility best practice in mind.

Have a click around to find sparkly new features like:

  • Artist Base - your one-stop-shop for putting on a show with us! If you are an artist who has a show coming up, bookmark the Artist Base for a quick reference.

  • Membership - Basement Lovers can now have a membership account. Basement Mates membership is now also through the new website. Both are super easy to use and you never have to remember a password! If you are a current Lover or Mate, we will be in touch with you soon about how to use this new account. 

  • News - our News page can now be categorised by the type of article. We have already created a Podcast section so you can easily listen to our Disruptors podcast. Keep an eye on this page for future categories.

The new website also visually reflects who we have become since we opened our doors in 2008. We have come a long way from this version of ourselves

There’s just one thing missing and that’s YOU using it to book tickets to our 2022 Summer and Pride season!

Shout out to One Design for designing and General Studios for developing the site. We love it! And a special shout out to Tim Blake, Basement’s previous Marketing & Relationships Manager, for making this all happen!

Basement xx