How our new Strategic Plan is shaping up

Where we're at,
What you told us,
& What you wanted to know

PART #1: Progress Update

In April this year we presented an outline of Basement’s new strategic vision for the next ten years, and invited feedback from our artist community through a hui and survey. Your feedback helped us to:

  • Find the right words to talk about representation and accessibility within our programming.

  • Identify how we could be more transparent about our current and future activities through sharing key statistics with our community (included further down in this email).

  • Confirm areas where we are on track and where we need to keep being brave in order to move forward (with our community behind us).

  • Develop our thinking further on our new proposed activities, especially how we could ensure that artists weren’t burdened with any new costs in relation to these changes.

  • Develop measures with our community for how we can be accountable to you going forward: such as mental wellbeing within our artist community, key stats of artists and audiences, and financial sustainability measures of artists. 

If you'd like to delve deeper, you can check out the full details of the feedback we received, and the impact that it has had on the development of our strategic plan, here.

If you feel like this process has passed you by somehow, it's not too late for you to get involved! You are very welcome to read the April presentation here, and if you’d like to offer your own feedback, you can email through your thoughts to


So what happens now?

Our Board met recently to discuss the plan and review the feedback, and have now identified further relationship building and engagement tasks that will help us bring this new vision closer to completion. Once this has been achieved (and we've picked out the perfect fonts), the plan will be ready to launch publicly. We’ve got Spring in our sight lines for this - we can't wait to share it with you.

PART #2: Being Accountable

Going forward, we want to be keeping you - our artist community - fully informed about how we're performing as an organisation. This is important because it keeps our focus on the people we exist to serve, and because transparency and accountability are essential to the wellbeing of the performing arts community as a whole.

Basement's First Report Card

Below is the first of what will be an annual Report Card, designed to give you all the tasty info you need to understand how we've been performing in one quick glance. It draws on key stats from our 2018 programme, includes KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that we report on to funders, and provides demographic data about our artist and audience community.

In the future this will also speak more directly to the new community measures developed through our recent strategy consultations (we need to gather more data to better respond to these, but you can find info relating to artist income in our Census report).


The 2019 Basement Census

Our first ever Basement Census played a huge part in helping us get a snapshot of Basement’s community - we received 591 responses (including 156 artists). Thanks to all who participated in this!

As well as the demographic info shared above, we received a massive amount of info through the Census, so we've selected some key findings that were critical in helping us formulate our future plans and priorities. These results helped us identify that we have some important work to do in the areas of:

  • Accessibility to the venue and audience comfort

  • Artist sustainability and income

  • Hospitality and a feeling of belonging and welcome to diverse communities (aka less cliquey-ness!)

If you believe there are any holes in what we’ve presented - please feel free to get in touch to let us know what is missing.