January 10, 2024Announcements

Summer/Pride Season 2024

Frolic on down to Basement for a ripe and bountiful Summer/Pride 2024 season!!! 

Oh me oh my this one is going to be fresh and luuuuuush. 

Featuring works that reach for hope and meaning in this upside-down world, performances that lean into the chaos of it all, and artistry that celebrates deep human togetherness.  These works are grown by some of our most beloved and brightest independent makers.

PRIDE - February

Legacy 7 7-10 Feb, Legacy Project returns to Auckland Pride for their 10th anniversary! This year they’re bringing 6 bite-sized plays by Tāmaki Makaurau’s juiciest new queer writers.

The Rawdog Gaysian Playwright Challenge 8-10 Feb, In the spirit of stupidity, for lols, six Slaysian writers are forced to write a play that is the opposite of their artistic taste - in two chaotic weeks. 

bad apple Presents: The Showcase 13-17 Feb, Five nights, twenty-five different queer poets from across Tāmaki Makaurau. 

The Scottish Kiwi 14-16 Feb, Join Ryan to hear about his (mis)adventures in Scotland and New Zealand, as well as some of the ‘highlights’ from his ongoing search for love.

First Trimester 15-17 Feb, Embark on a journey with London-based performance artist Krishna Istha as they search for the ‘perfect’ sperm donor.

The Butterfly Who Flew Into The Rave 20-24 Feb, An endurance-based dance work exploring the movement vocabulary used in techno and rave culture, a contemporary nightclub between 3 bodies emerges.

A Fat Girl's Cry Tour 20-24 Feb, A celebration of Plus Size bodies On Stage with some of Broadway’s greatest hits!

Big Queer Improv Party 22 & 23 Feb, Featuring a delightful cast of queer comedy superstars, this show will fill your cup with joy and nonsense.

Cowboy Dreaming 27 Feb - 2 Mar, Dive into the dreamscape of a solitary queer cowboy in a show that promises to be an out-of-this-world experience.

No Homo: Queer Comedy 27 & 28 Feb, Aotearoa's cult-favourite lineup show returns with a hilarious selection of LOLGBTs and gay giggles.

Robbie Nicol's Late Night Pilot 29 Feb, Join Robbie Nicol as he interviews the most important political guests and the most funniest comedians, and tries to explain the world we’re unfortunate enough to live in.

SUMMER - March

Only The Stars Know Where I've Been 5-9 March, A full-length dance work which calls upon dust collectors to sculpt a vision of an approaching solar cycle.

Asian Comedy Takeover 8 March, The brightest and best Pan-Asian comedians in Aotearoa, headlined by David Correos.

Wife Guys 14 March, New Zealand’s best female comedians performing as New Zealand’s worst male comedians.

Chrome Dome & Schizo 19-23 March, A fusion of poetry and memory play. A recollection and preservation of a 4-month-long love story...with a ghost. A gay love story! A break up in the most dramatic way possible.

Koroseta 19-23 March, A song cycle that explores the silences in tragedy, love and survival from the perspective of young tusitala.

Good Breeding 26-28 March, Grab your hop card and come along to David Stuart’s hour of stand-up that is so sex and body positive, it might end in an orgy.

Realm of Tears 26-28 March, Sit in this mystical Realm of Tears where the marginalised are allowed to feel and thrive.

SUMMER - April

The Clitoris Conundrum 2-6 April, Delving into the ripple effects of sexual assault with an “are-you-fucking-kidding-me” comedic lens by blending traditional theatre with dance, drag and the odd spoken word.

Interrupting Cow 9-13 April, A refreshingly unusual presentation of modern-day existence that will leave you wanting cake by Sarah (Micky) Delahunty, Catherine Delahunty and Ari Leason.

Dear Body 9-13 April, Witness the raw and authentic tales of individuals as they lay bare their intricate relationships with their bodies.

રંગઘેલી - Our Stories, Our Plays 16-20 April, Dive into the vibrant world of 'રંગઘેલી'—a mesmerizing journey through an anthology of one-act plays.

ANTi 23-27 April, Written and performed by Keagan Carr Fransch, ANTi lays bare the challenges at the intersection of immigrant experiences, religious faith, and queerness.

No Time to Dry 23-27 April, A brand new play following the story of three friends with self-diagnosed imposter syndrome who get accidentally caught up in the high-stakes world of espionage.

Basement Theatre reopens from 7 February - see you then! x