February 07, 2022Podcasts

Tautai 2021 Fale-ship Podcast – EP1, Marina Alefosio

As part of the Tautai 2021 Fale-ship Residency, we present the Tautai 2021 Fale-ship Podcast hosted by Amanda Wilson, talking to artists from the programme about their residency, their artistic practices and their lives.

The first episode is with multi-disciplinary storyteller Marina Alefosio who uses poetry, performance, short stories and rap as her vessel. See Marina's Tautai Fale-Ship Home Residency here and here.


Reflecting back on my talanoa with Marina, I had the best time! The whole experience from beginning to end was refreshing. I was nervous, however glad that Marina and I had previously worked together on a show (shoutouts @jpgotmusic I AM Showcase) so I knew that I could contain my nerves for the actual talking of the podcast lol.

What I remember most is feeling like I was talking to an older sibling. That and also, her contribution to the Polynesian Panthers album as well as her spoken word performance at the Dawn Raids Apology. Bruh, game changer. I enjoyed her TAUTAI Fale-ship because it allowed us to talk about her creative process and the involvement of her family, nature, talanoa and rest. Thank you so much, sis! It was a pleasure doing this podcast with you, having a good laugh along the way and learning so much about your creative practice, your work ethic and the revelations that came to light for you during your TAUTAI Fale-ship.
– Amanda Wilson

Read more about Marina Alefosio and her Fale-Ship Residency here.