February 08, 2022Podcasts

Tautai 2021 Fale-ship Podcast – EP2, Teremoana Rapley

As part of the Tautai 2021 Fale-ship Residency, we present the Tautai 2021 Fale-ship Podcast hosted by Amanda Wilson, talking to artists from the programme about their residency, their artistic practices and their lives.

The second episode is with Teremoana Rapley, an iconic figure in the entertainment industry, expressing her thoughts and feelings through music and lyrics, vibrations and frequencies.  See Teremoana's Tautai Fale-Ship Home Residency here and here.


I walked into Basement Theatre with a TAUTAI Fale-ship, Google version of Teremoana Rapley. I walked out feeling like I had known her forever, liberated and super emotional! Before, during and after our (recorded) talanoa we just vibed. I really felt like I understood the assignment and got an A+ hehe.

Thinking about my talanoa with Teremoana makes me feel super warm. We covered so much from our upbringings, our jobs (both in the arts and outside the arts), the TAUTAI Fale-ship, our identity…we covered it all! The highlight for me overall was being able to talk to a strong black, Pasifika woman about her experiences in the arts and her being able to do different types of mahi within the arts sector. This is something I want to delve into and getting advice from her was truly out of this world and very humbling.

Fakaue lahi, Teremoana! Thank you for inspiring me to keep doing what I’m doing, for your kind, heartfelt words before and after our talanoa. I can’t wait to see your first solo exhibition at TAUTAI this year ~ cheehooo! – Amanda Wilson

Read more about Teremoana Rapley and her Fale-Ship Residency here.