28 & 29 FEB, 6.30PM

Have You Ever Been With An Asian Womxn?

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Gemishka Chetty and Aiwa Pooamorn (Go Home Curry Muncha) are back for 2020 Auckland Fringe with their brand new devised show “Have You Ever Been With An Asian Womxn?” The show presents a satirical investigation into porn fetishes, unleashing a bold commentary on the hyper-sexualisation of pan-Asian women in pop culture. Bring a raincoat because it’s going to get wet!!

Pornhub’s 2019 in review showcased that ‘Japanese’ was the most searched term. Whereas ‘Korean,’ ‘Asian,’ and ‘Indian’ showed significant gains in ‘Most Searched for Terms of 2019’. Move over Pornhub because this show is going to be the most searched term – we are done being sexualised and dehumanised! We are putting our needs and stories first!

Chetty and Pooamorn are joined by a powerhouse of strong womxn – Ellie Lim (Other Chinese) and newcomer Yuen Ling Elaine Chun. These womxn bring their own personal stories and perspectives to this devised show, adding rich layers of soy sauce, chilli powder and everything nice.