Moana Makers Wiki17 Jul, 7.00PM

Moana Makers Wiki: Harakeke Paper with Te Ara Minhinnick

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This workshop by Te Ara Minhinnick involves the processes of making paper from Harakeke pulp. All the paper-making tools and materials will be provided! The participants are invited to take their paper with them from the workshop and use it however they wish.

To participate in this workshop, fill out this EOI form. We will contact you via phone/email by Thursday, 11th July to let you know the outcome of your EOI.

Moana Makers Wiki

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Te Ara Minhinnick (Ngaati Te Ata) (she/her) @te__ara

Hailing from Waiuku between the Waikato & Manukau waters, Te Ara employs Indigenous methods of practice through concepts pertaining to her Iwi, Ngaati Te Ata. Growing up under the framework of ‘akona mā te wai’, ‘learning through the medium of water’, Te Ara hopes to apply the observations taught by the Taiao to her artmaking focusing on placemaking through the wayfinding hua-vessels of whenua, one and wai.

Ko Taupiri, ko Puketapu ngā pito.

Ko Tahuna Kaitoto te puna kōpu.

Ko Te Manukanuka o Hoturoa, ko Te Awa o Waikato ngā wai ora.

Ko Ngaati Te Ata te iwi.