We are currently requiring all audience members to have a valid Vaccine Pass. If you have an expired Vaccine Pass, we recommend that you request a new pass from

😷 Masks must be worn in all inside spaces. You are welcome to remove them when seated to drink and eat!

🎟 We would be your #1 fan if you bought your tickets online before arriving to limit congestion in the foyer. If that's a bit tricky for you, tickets will be available to purchase from the bar on the night

⭐ Head into the theatre when doors open to cut down on crowding in the bar

🏠 If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been required to isolate, please stay home. We don’t want you to miss out, so go to the bottom of this page for details on what you can do with your ticket

✈️ If you hold an international Vaccine Pass we will happily accept this - just show this upon your arrival!

At Basement, one of our core objectives is to stay responsive to the health, safety and wellbeing needs of our people. Right now, we believe strongly that Basement’s unique communities aren’t quite ready for the Vaccine Passes to be lifted from our space as a method to keep everyone safe. 

For this reason, Basement Theatre will temporarily continue to uphold the requirement of My Vaccine Passes for artists/hirers and audiences at our venue. This decision is an interim stance - we will continue to review all factors regularly and in an ongoing manner, and update our communities accordingly.

In making this decision, four core concerns that are unique to who we are were at the front of our minds:

  • We are located in a heritage building that lacks airflow and mechanical ventilation

  • Many of our community members have an increased level of vulnerability to the transmission of Covid-19

  • We care about artists’ livelihoods, and we want to do our best to protect them from cancelled shows and loss of income

  • We want to do our bit to bring vitality back to our city, encouraging audiences to regain confidence in stepping out into the CBD again, and to come and see live events again! We’ve heard from our people that vaccine passes will enable that to happen.

We want to acknowledge that our decision to temporarily continue with vaccine passes prolongs the access barrier they create for those who aren’t pass holders. We want those people to know that we certainly envision a time where vaccine passes won’t be a requirement when attending or staging a work at Basement. We’re easing our way back in, and we thank everyone for understanding the need for us to take a gentle approach.

We are aware that many Vaccine Passes will be expiring soon. We will still be accepting expired Vaccine Passes as proof of vaccination. We are awaiting further updates from the government regarding the future of My Vaccine Passes.

We thank everyone for their ongoing contributions and for continuing to support our decision-making, in the important effort of ensuring safety and wellbeing for our people.

If you would like to know more, please read our full Vaccine Pass policy.

(Up to date as of 16 August 2022)

  • All staff, artists and volunteers that work within our venue are vaccinated. 

  • Doors to our performance spaces will be open at least 15 minutes before showtime to ensure there is plenty of time for everyone to be seated, and to reduce congestion in our foyer.

  • We’ve reduced the maximum number of audience in both spaces, but in the Theatre space we’ll be keeping extra bench seating, so there’s a little more room to spread out. 

  • We are taking measures to ensure our foyer is less congested and ensuring show scheduling isn’t packed.

  • We’re ensuring our performance spaces are manually ventilated between shows where double billing does occur, to ensure there is fresh air for each performance.

  • We’ve added heaps more hand sanitiser stations (you’ve asked for it!) and will be sticking to some rigorous cleaning schedules in all our public spaces.

  • We will not be taking cash at the bar during this time. 


We are no longer selling physical tickets at the venue to limit congestion in the foyer. This means you will need to purchase your tickets online and show them on your phone or print them out to bring along. You are also able to call iTicket to purchase tickets, however a Phone Booking fee applies.


In case Auckland goes back up to the Red setting, only half of the seats for all performances will be on sale. Two weeks from a show opening, Basement will release the remaining seats if Auckland is at Green or Orange.


Basement does not offer refunds, so if you find yourself unable to come you may want to pass your ticket(s) on to someone else. If you would prefer to transfer your tickets to another performance please email by 3PM the day of the performance (subject to availability).