The government mandates may be gone, but our frenemy covid (and a bunch of other nasty flus) are still hanging around. So when you visit Basement, remember:

😷 Our spaces are small and lack airflow, so consider wearing a mask while watching a show.

🏠 If you are feeling sick, please stay home. We don’t want you to miss out on the show, so go to the bottom of this page for details on what you can do with your ticket.

Here’s why this is important to us:

  • We are located in a heritage building that lacks airflow and mechanical ventilation

  • Many of our community members have an increased level of vulnerability

  • We care about artists’ livelihoods, and we want to do our best to protect them from cancelled shows and loss of income

To help reduce the risk of transmission in our venue, we will always endeavour to open the theatre doors as early as possible and schedule shows in a way that helps reduce audience traffic. Having the roller door open to the bar is one way we keep the space ventilated and we aim to air out our spaces between shows where possible. Public areas are routinely cleaned and we’ll make sure that hand-sani and face masks are always on hand should you need them.

Basement Theatre doesn’t offer refunds and all purchases are final. This is our policy as each show’s ticket sales go directly to the artist and they depend on ticket sales for their livelihood. With such limited seats available, the artists would lose out if we offered refunds.

If you find yourself unable to come to a show, firstly we encourage you to pass your ticket(s) on to someone else. If that does not work out, please contact iTicket on 0508iTicket or to transfer your ticket to another night. Please do this prior to the show commencing.