8 - 11 JUN, 7.30PM

Fresh off The Page Fest

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Fresh off The Page is back….as a 4 day FESTIVAL!! We’re so excited to continue our 2022 (or rather, extended 2021) season with you all.

Be prepared for a programme that’ll make you think, laugh, cry, laugh-cry, and come away knowing that our community’s vibrant stories haven’t stopped. It’s time to strap in!


Genuine & Stable by Uhyoung Choi (8 June)
“If all you do is look for things wrong with the relationship, that’s all you’re going to find.”

As an immigration officer picks apart a relationship visa application, his critical gaze begins to turn inwards.

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Chick Habit by Nuanzhi Zheng (9th June)
"I think the ultimate rebellion is just not being a model minority. Saying fuck it, and being nothing instead. Who gives a shit about generational sacrifice. My mum gave up all her dreams to have me, and I failed all her dreams she passed onto me."

Olivia, a small-town nobody, seeks justice after her high school punk-band-turned-whisperpop-duo receives international acclaim for stealing her songs. Oh, and she's also being haunted by the ghost of her dead mother.

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Larro Your Inner Demons by Karishma Grebneff (10th June) 
"What is light without the dark. What is suffering without love? What is yearning without comfort? And what is death without life?"

When a grieving family’s naiive and willful daughter loses their only source of income, she consorts with a wily demon to support her unknowing mother.  

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Tandoori Nights by Aman Bajaj (11th June)
"Do you know how much garlic is selling for? $52 a kg. Bhenchod, you're father will pay for it?" 

Tandoori Nights tells the story of a young, overworked and underpaid chef at an Indian restaurant, as he attempts to stand up to an exploitative boss and realize the immigrant dream in Aotearoa. 

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