Choose What You Pay22 – 26 Aug, 6.30PM

In 200 Minds

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Join Katie’s fearless navigation of a boundless, confronting world in their bold, new dance theatre exploration. Observe as they face the daunting task of shouldering the burden of existence, stumbling and falling along the way.

Katie is in 200 minds, seeking an answer, aching to get life perfect. Aching not to upset anyone in the process. Watch them try to carry the weight of the world. Watch them fuck it up. Watch them fail miserably. Watch them. They just want to be seen.

Surrender to the sticky and joyous complexities of existing in a world that envelops you completely. Rediscover the notion that every decision, every fleeting moment, holds immense importance. Embrace life’s infinite power and beauty. In 200 Minds is a show for the uncertain. The overwhelmed. The queer. The forever young.

Katie is waiting for you.

Please note: apples, walnuts and lemons will be used in this performance.