20 - 24 AUG, 6.30PM

Midnight Confessions

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Come to our house for a sleepover.

When the boys aren’t listening, and the parents are in bed, the real girl talk begins. 

Midnight Confessions is an experimental anthology piece about love, loss, and the power of female friendships. Come into our pillow fort and relish in the joys of girlhood.

Written, directed and performed by Mia Oudes, Anna Barker, Abby Lyons and Alia Marshall, Midnight Confessions is a love letter to the friendships that shaped us growing up. 

So…. Can we tell you a secret??

Midnight Confessions is created by Heartbreaker Productions, a feminist production company from Te Whanganui a Tara, made up of four collaborators; Abby Lyons, Alia Marshall, Anna Barker and Mia Oudes. 

Heartbreaker Productions are passionate about bringing heartwarming and heartbreaking feminine candour to the stage. They create productions that open the door to the lives of women that exist outside of the male gaze. Their process follows a non-hierarchical system, with a focus on developing new collaborative processes that equalises all voices in the company. They are proud to tell stories by, for and with women.