23 - 27 JUL, 6.30PM

Only Bones - Daniel Nodder

Show Info

Explore the universe in this intimate and mesmerising physical comedy voyage. Join a jelly-like performer as they pluck creatures from evolutionary history and push the boundaries of physics all within 1 metre squared. Only Bones – Daniel Nodder spans the universe from the Big Bang to the invention of fire to a primordial hand ballet with upbeat jazz. You’ll witness the ordinary become extraordinary and the strange become familiar. You’ll see limbs bend in ways you never thought possible, and you’ll never be able to look at your knees the same way again. 

Only Bones – Daniel Nodder contains silly physical theatre met with captivating design and soundscapes. Daniel utilises every part of their elastic body from teeth to toes, accompanied by a playful lightbulb that seems to have a mind of its own. This performance is a visually stunning and joyous experience. 

“This is the type of show that you go to a fringe festival for.” 4.5 Stars – Arts Hub, Melbourne 2023 

“Some of the funniest physical gags I’ve seen in a long time [...] I left this performance with a big goofy smile on my face.” – Art Murmurs, Wellington 2023. 

“This is physical theatre for the physical theatre hater, I promise it’ll change your mind.” – Art Murmurs, Wellington 2023. 

“The on-stage chemistry between Daniel and that light bulb is off the charts.” – Audience Member, Wellington 2023. 

“It's adept and intensely funny, bold, clever and original.” – Triple R 102.7FM, Melbourne 2023 

Only Bones – Daniel Nodder is the eleventh iteration of a series of solo shows grouped together under The Only Bones Project, created by world-renowned circus and physical performer, Thom Monckton. Each version must adhere to a simple set of rules: no text, no set, no props, no narrative, only one light and within one metre squared - the ultimate challenge and champion for a skilled physical performer. 

Only Bones – Daniel Nodder premiered in Daniel’s hometown of Wellington, New Zealand during the 2023 New Zealand Fringe Festival. This season saw Daniel win a number of awards, including Outstanding Solo Performance, Tour-Ready Melbourne Fringe, Tour-Ready San Diego and picked up a nomination for Best in Fringe. It was also awarded a Judge's Pick at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2023. Daniel is thrilled by this opportunity to bring Only Bones to life again and share the joy, silliness and intimacy of physical theatre with new audiences in Tāmaki.