22 FEB, 8.30PM

System Of A Lounge

Show Info

Like many, we love System Of A Down. Also like many, we are deeply upset that they haven't released an album since May 2005. As our loving form of protest/tribute we present to you System Of A Lounge: an hour of downbeat acoustic covers of your favourite aggressive political metal.

Featuring classic SOAD tracks like Chop Suey, Toxicity, and of course Fuck The System, come to the Dogs Bollix March 4th-6th and spend an hour with New Zealand's pre-eminent gentle metal acoustic tribute trio - Banana Terracotta Pie (Hayley Sproull, Nicko Vella, and Jack Buchanan).

For one night only at The Basement bar, Banana Terracotta Pie will be playing a selection of songs from their upcoming sure-to-be-a-hit show, System Of A Lounge.