Choose What You Pay23 SEP, 8.00PM

Basement's 15th Birthday Blowout

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Basey is turning fifteen. Yes that’s right we’re officially in our moody broody teenage years. Think major hormone surges and a raging desire to take Dad’s Toyota for a joyride.

So for one night only, we’re throwing our ever-looming NCEA deadlines out the window, releasing our inner baddies, and celebrating our mahi like the party animals we truly are.

You can choose how much to spend on your ticket to the party. If you’re strapped for cash we encourage you to pay the minimum $5. But if you’re cushy and you wanna give us a lil birthday present, a larger ticket payment will mean the world. Inflation has truly knocked our books around and we’d love to make it to the end of the year without too much damage so we can keep backing artists fiercely!

Thanks always to our core funders Creative New Zealand, Foundation North and Auckland Council. And thanks to iTICKET and Garage Project for being legends and sponsoring the party.

8pm-ish:  BBQ on the slab and the ever beautiful GALOLEAFI on the decks
9pm-ish:  Witness the waiata artistry of Geneva AM
10pm-ish:  Vercetti is our spirit-DJ, get ready to break some bones
11pm-ish:  Late night appearance from the formidable Honey Givenchy
1130pm-ish:  There’s only one way to finish and it’s DJ Snakelegs

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