Auckland Fringe1, 8 & 15 SEP, 10.30PM

Bull Rush 1822

Show Info

A full length improvised play set 200 years ago, made up on the spot for your delight! Inspired by Netflix’s Bridgerton - The award winning cast of BULL RUSH takes you into the scandalous heart of 19th century England for a night of Royalty, Romance, Death, Gossip, Rumors, Lust, Steaming Dukes, Conniving pensmiths, and maybe something completely different.

Come along for a rollicking stroll through the ups and downs of high society in a play that has never and will never be seen again.

Get your spurs on, we’ll see you there!

Part of Basement Theatre's 2022 Fringe 'Adaption' Provocation, as part of Auckland Fringe Festival 2022.