Matariki09 - 12 JUL, 8.00PM


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Death Drop: Shablam is a dark satire comedy, Devised Theatre, and dance show that combines performance art with the essence of ballroom culture for the ultimate kata. The show offers a twisted and humorous take on the world of ballroom. This show is for the fag hags, the girlies who are 'soooo into voguing right now,' and the straight people that are constantly fighting for their right to be straight!!!

Death Drop: Shablam invites audiences into a captivating and unconventional world. Oh, and by the way, it's actually called a DIP, not a death drop or a shablam!

The House of Coven Aucoin is a pioneering force , serving as both a performance arts collective and the first official house in the ballroom scene in Aotearoa. Founded in 2015, Coven has organized numerous ballroom events, stage productions, live theatre performances, and workshops. Operating under an interdisciplinary arts approach, Coven provides a platform for collaborative projects to flourish and creative ideas to come to life through a project-based creative process.