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For You To Know And Me To Find Out

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Experience the captivating solo dance narrative from multi-disciplinary artist Liv Tennet as she delves into matrescence, transformation, and the existential quest of one woman grappling with the possibility of having it all...and the question of what "all" actually is.

With a sound track as eclectic as her toddler's palate, and drawing on a wide range of dance genres, For You to Know and Me to Find Out explores the all-familiar juggle of the working mother through movement.

Drawing on her own experience of simultaneously trying to keep a small human alive, whilst also keeping her own artistic identity alive, we get a glimpse of the joyous, maddening, exhausting and ultimately fortifying experience of being a “cool mom”.

Jokes. She’s lost her cool.

Tbh she’s dropped so many things she’s scared of picking them back up.