11 – 22 OCT, 8PM

I Get So Emotional Baby

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Unruly female emotion was once attributed to a deviant womb wandering through the body. Our flesh is cast as monstrous in its capacity to feel.

‘Testimonial’ and ‘attest’ both derive directly from ‘testes’ - the gateway to truth is gendered - horror is a woman who knows.

Under the halo of the soft-core virgin body, we are haunted by the absence of the visceral. Object becomes subject through her desire, if only for a moment.

All You Can Eat Productions presents the performance and design work of Jessie McCall and collaborators. Jessie McCall is a movement artist who is interested in the uncanny ways that psychological and emotional experiences can be evoked through the interaction of body, space and object. Jessie's choreographic work harnesses these realms to create darkly humorous worlds that juxtapose the familiar with the transcendent.