Choose What You Pay07 – 10 FEB, 8PM

Legacy 7

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Art snaps back, chaos at Catholic school, one couple opts to forget their relationship ever happened, while another meets for the first time. These are our stories. Strap-in for Legacy 7!

After a four-year hiatus, Legacy Project returns to Auckland Pride, weaving together new short plays by six incredible writers from across the queer spectrum. Get ready to think, laugh or even cry, there is something for everyone in this theatrical pick-n-mix. 

And even better? This year tickets are Choose What You Pay, so you set the price! With tickets from $8, you can pay a little (or a lot!) to support our creatives and witness our queer magic on stage.


Artsplain. Written by Helen Vivienne Fletcher, directed by Samuel Phillips.

Harm Reduction. Written by Jade Winterburn, directed by Rae Longshaw-Park.

My Redacted Lover. Written by Danny Lam, directed by Jordan Dickson.

The Perfect Fit. Written by Sanjana Khusal, directed by Sananda Chatterjee.

Red Light Discourse. Written by Aun Sukijjakhamin, directed by Ravi Gurunathan.

UnChristianlike Behaviour. Written by Maria Williams, directed by Shay McKendrick.

Dramaturges: Ahi Karunaharan, Daniel Goodwin & Keagan Carr Fransch.

Legacy 7 is made possible with the support from Basement Theatre, Auckland Pride, and Playmarket.