Choose What You Pay15 – 19 Aug, 6.30PM


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What is the story of Minnie Dean and Judy Garland?

Is it the journey from Kansas to Oz - and then back again

Is it the hunt for the infamous Southland woman known as a cautionary bedtime tale 

Is it in the bathroom in a London flat which housed a fallen entertainer in her final days 

Is it on the train bound for Winton, inside a conspicuous hatbox

And is any of it true? 

But what happens if these two were to meet

What happens when worlds collide, pies are devoured, ruby red sparks fly and their tales are at last told 

What is it to know an icon

What is the feeling of a gay myth 

What becomes a legend most?

From the wicked minds that brought you She’s Crowning, this brand new show is the secret history of two infamous women; Minnie Dean and Judy Garland. Presented live and in technicolor for the very first time. Think Blonde by way of Death Becomes Her. Minnie&Judy is a supreme act of fag iconoclasm.