07 JUL, 6.30PM

On The Need To Dance With Words

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On the Need to Dance with Words asks six performers to speak aloud Whaea Ani Mikaere’s Colonising Myths - Māori Realities: He Rukuruku Whakaaro into poem, rotarota, waiata, pao, ngita, haka. In doing so they honour whakatauākī. 

The evening will begin with Grayson Goffe welcoming us into the space and a video by Aroha Abigail Jensen to hold us. 

Asking our audience to consider which kōrero they might themselves repeat verbatim and from who they source it. The performers will not be performing or writing any new works. Instead, they will use this as an opportunity to breathe in the work of Ani Mikaere as mokopuna, and exhale her reo. This is to demonstrate the duty we have as makers, to remove ourselves from the centre and in fact, stand proudly, in the knowing that we are only our web of connections and intergenerational being. We are more than the individual, we are whakapapa.

Come and take residence in these words with us, as we conclude Basement's Matariki Wānanga, and share boil up.