Choose What You Pay05 – 09 MAR, 6.30PM

Only The Stars Know Where I've Been

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An ode to aspirations of lassoing passing asteroids and inflating the moon.

Only the Stars Know Where I’ve Been is a full-length contemporary dance work. Calling upon dust collectors, it sculpts a vision of an approaching solar cycle. Time darts where it pleases, entangling utopias into a tapestry of sentiment, before the seasons of doubt arrive. Musings of youth somersault over one another and meet dreams of the drowned - a brooding pair navigate the inscriptions on their skin.

This intricate and painterly duet is a reluctant farewell to past versions of yourself. It traverses Queer Temporality in a surreal yet meditative coming-of-age. The dancers observe and mimic each other, in a hypnotic but tender attempt to style their own identities. This whimsical show will entrance you with its tender performance, sculpted choreography, and uncanny world. It conjures an opportunity to introspect and converse with your quiet contemplations.

Ctenophora Co. warmly thanks the team of Wellesley Studios and the Wellesley Studios New Graduate Residency for their generosity and support of this project.

Based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Ctenophora Co. hosts the choreographic stylings of Jake Starrs and collaborators. Their contemporary dance work negotiates personal anecdotes and gestural evocations to craft surreal landscapes. An air of whimsy and playful aptitude is fortified by Ctenophora Co.’s visual and synergetic identity.