Choose What You Pay23 – 27 JUL, 8.00PM

Skate or Die

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Get ready to shred and grind in the gnarliest battle for survival! When a crew of hardcore skaters gets sucked into Skate or Die, they’re in for the ride of their lives. Trapped inside the game, they must crush each epic level to escape. Will they nail those sick tricks and ollie their way to freedom or wipe out for good?

Pretty Little Sweethearts (strikethrough) SLUTS (PLS) is an emerging theatre company for female and non-binary identifying artists.

The company is interested in dismantling the concept of patriarchy, its masculine manifestations and reimagining a feminist utopia.

It is birthed out of the frustration of my experience being a young female trying to write and develop work about being young and female.

Often mentored by older men, I reflect back and see my voice reshaped, altered and subdued.

I want to create a space to let the female experience SCREAM out in pain, laughter, absurdity, grief, and frustration and to never be told it's too much or too angry or too passive or too emotional or TOO ANYTHING.

Let our pretty little voices be heard!