15 – 19 NOV, 6.30PM

Two Metres Apart

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Two Metres Apart is a classic tale of love-at-first-sight-without-seeing-half-of-the-other-persons-face… And, if you like tropes, as you wish.... We got makeovers, clumsiness galore, meeting the (grand)parents, the dream ballet, the accidental hand hold, the misunderstanding, the serenade and of course: The Raining Scene.

Michael and Joy tell you the story of how they first met. From meet cute to will-they-won’t they to forbidden love… This is the rom-com we all need in these strange-and-uncertain-times.

Joy and Michael want to kiss and hold hands and do all that normal stuff but – well, you know… they decide to have their first date at a bus stop, sitting two metres apart.