Marketing Checklist

Here are a list of questions/suggestions that can act as a helpful checklist for marketing your show at Basement:


  • What are the themes of your work?

  • What makes your work unique, exciting and unmissable?

  • Who do you think will connect with your work? Be as specific about your target audience as you can. Where do you think these people live, work, play? What social media platforms do they use?

  • Are there particular communities that would connect with your work? Where are they? How do you find them?

  • What networks/databases do you or your creative team already have access to?

  • What networks/databases can you think of that relate directly to your show?

Design & Copy

  • How will you translate your strategy into image, design and copy?

  • What are some memorable posters you like? What do you like about them?

  • What elements make them effective?

  • Do you have an idea for a strong image?

  • Do you have anyone “well-known” in the cast? Will you use their face in the image?

  • Have you investigated using a photographer, graphic designer, videographer?

  • If you’re using friends to create this material - do they have basic design software (e.g. InDesign) that will be needed to use the poster template?

  • Do you understand our poster template system? (Speak to Basement's Marketing & Relationships Manager if not).

  • How does your poster and flyer stand out?

  • Is it clear what your show is (e.g. dance, theatre, poetry etc.)?

  • Does your marketing material signal what the experience will be like?

  • Do you have an e-flyer to send out to your networks?

  • Have you proof-read your poster and flyer copy carefully? Have you asked a second pair of eyes to do the same?

Printing & Distribution

  • Is it worth distributing posters? Consider your budget and the size of the audience you need to reach.

  • Have you put Basement Theatre’s logo on all printed marketing material and checked it off with us?

  • Have you requested a proof to check colours, layout, quality?

  • Who will print your posters and flyers?

  • Who will distribute your flyers and posters?

  • Have you thought about where your target audience will be?


  • Have you done extra web listings? e.g. Facebook, Concrete Playground, Urban List, Under the Radar, specific art form/community sites, etc.

  • Have you been invited Basement to co-host the Facebook event?

  • Where have you staged previous shows? Can you contact them for access to your audience database? (If you have done a show at Basement before we can give you that show’s audience database from iTicket).

  • Have you asked your team to send out the e-flyer to their networks, and invite their friends to the Facebook event?

  • Have you made a special profile pic or cover photo for your cast and crew to change their personal Facebook/Instagram pages to?

  • Have you made a GIF/image that you and your team can use in your email signatures and you can post on social media?

  • Have you thought about paying for Facebook/Instagram ads/boosted posts? We strongly recommend putting some budget behind your social media activity. Instagram continues to be the most popular social media platform for Basement audiences - consider spending money on boosting Instagram posts. Talk to Nicola in your marketing meeting to find out more.

  • Are there any references in the show that you could use in social media to connect with people, and to get engagement with the event on social media? (eg. songs used in the show, references to other pop culture phenomenon or films).


  • Who is doing your publicity?

  • Have you written a media release and had it signed off by Basement's Marketing & Relationships Manager?

  • Have you sent it to all the relevant people you want to pitch to?

  • What are the interesting publicity angles specific to your work?

  • Have you followed up with a pitch to the media, a week after sending the release?

  • Have you made an opening night list of people who will spread the word?

  • Have you invited them three weeks out?

  • Have you sent a reminder to confirm attendance to your opening night?

Ticket Sales

  • What does success look like for your season? What’s your goal?

  • Have you included a Cheap Wednesday ticket price?

  • Will you do any special offers? (e.g. 2 for 1s, an early bird special, a promo code).

  • Who are you targeting with your promo code?

  • How many tickets do you need to sell to break even?

  • When you break that down per show, how many do you have left in the house?

  • How can you use some complimentary tickets to leverage extra sales or sponsors?

Other Things to Think About

  • Sending out email marketing to similar shows.

  • Having pop up events to promote your show.

  • Putting flyers on the seats of other shows (check with venue/producer).

  • Creating some trailers for your show, or sharing “behind the scenes” rehearsal footage on social media.

  • Writing a guest blog for the Basement website (ask Basement's Marketing & Relationships Manager if you’re interested in doing this). This doesn’t have to be directly about the show, it could be related to your show’s theme, or about a team member (do they have a cool story to tell?).