Phantom Billstickers

Phantom Billstickers give poster and flyer discounts to all groups putting on shows at Basement Theatre. To book printing and distribution with Phantom, email Anton at

Printing Costs

(Note these prices are excluding GST)

A2 - $11.00 + GST - minimum of 4 posters
A1 - $11.00 + GST - minimum of 2 posters
A3 - $2.00 + GST - Minimum of 20
A0 - $22.00 + GST - No minimum

Flyers - Single-sided
A5 - $0.30 + GST - Minimum of 360
A6 - $0.15 + GST - Minimum of 715
DLE - $0.20 + GST - Minimum of 560

Flyers - Double-sided
A5 - $0.48 + GST - Minimum of 250
A6 - $0.24 + GST - Minimum of 455
DLE -$0.32 + GST - Minimum of 33

You can ask for a proof before you send your posters to print and we highly recommend doing this so you can check colours and do any last-minute edits. Please note there will be a slight cost to proof your poster. Phantom will also need some additional time to get proofs done, please ask about proofs at the very start while dealing with Anton so he can ensure there’s enough time to do so. Note: only digital proofs are available for flyers.


You can also get a discount on having your posters and flyers distributed around the city. You can specify exactly where you want your posters and flyers placed. If you are mainly printing A3 posters and have a small budget we would suggest no more than 50 A3s broadcast per week. The best spots to place posters are K Road, Grey Lynn, Ponsonby, Kingsland and Queen Street. Get in touch with Anton at Phantom and they will ensure you get the best spots!

Don’t forget to think about your own networks as well – ask if you can put a poster up in your local cafes. Most cafes will happily allow you to place flyers in their space somewhere. Do your creative team have other connections where you could place flyers or posters?

Phantom Proposed Packages: Street posters

If you are keen for some street advertising but not sure where to start, Phantom have created three poster packages to make things easier for Basement artists. These packages can be split over multiple weeks if needed. If you would like to book something different to those three packages, please get in touch with Anton at

Package 1 – A3 street posters
Total of 50 street A3 posters
Print + Placement included
$254.99 + GST

Package 2 – Max A0
Total of 5 Max A0 posters
Print + Placement included
$310.00 + GST

Package 3 – Max A0 + A3 street posters
Total of 5 Max A0 posters
Total of 50 A3 street posters
Print + Placement included
$519.00 + GST

Digital Options

Phantom has a few digital sites located in Ponsonby. These are great if you’re wanting to create some noise, without those pesky print fees.

Ponsonby Digital Super (100 Ponsonby Road).
Cost to book (7 days) - $300.00 + GST

Ponsonby Central Car Park – Set of 4 in a row
Cost to book (7days): $250.00 + GST

Get in touch with Anton if you’d like to book either of the digital sites, he may be able to swing you a better deal if the timings right.


To save you from paying upfront and setting up an account with Phantom, you can put your booking under Basement’s account and Basement will take it out of your box office settlement at the end of the season. Easy! To do this, make sure you get the Phantom quote signed off by Nicola before you confirm your posters/flyers booking. For more information, talk to Nicola.