Access and Inclusion

Important information for you to be aware of and communicate with your audience:

Some audience members with accessibility needs may require admission before the doors open to the rest of the audience. This is to allow them the opportunity to get in and find their seat in their own time, without feeling like they’re holding up other audience members.

Basement’s Studio space is not currently accessible for wheelchair users - there are 17 steep stairs up to the performance space. Therefore, if your season is in the Studio, we recommend including this copy in all of your comms - Please note: unfortunately the performance space for this season is not currently accessible to wheelchair users.

Your show’s content and trigger warnings will be displayed at the entrance to the Theatre/Studio. If your audience requires more information or for these to be read out to them, our bar staff can assist. You will be asked to provide your show’s trigger/content warnings by Basement’s Ticketing and Front of House Coordinator.

Basement’s bar and foyer is relatively small and can get quite crowded on busy nights. Audiences are welcome to wait outside until doors are open if they need more space.

All toilets at Basement are gender neutral. There is one wheelchair accessible toilet immediately to the left of the entrance. The main toilets are quite small and can get crowded on busy nights - audiences are welcome to line-up outside in the foyer until the toilets become less crowded.

If your audience experiences difficulty booking tickets online, they are welcome to call us (09 309 7433) or iTicket (09 361 1000) for assistance.

Our bar staff will announce over a speaker when the doors are open for audiences to take their seats. If Deaf or hard of hearing audience members require a visual cue to let them know when doors are open, our bar staff can assist - this can be arranged in person on the night or in advance by emailing or calling 09 309 7433.

Installed in April 2018, our automatic lift gives audiences step free access to the main foyer/bar area and therefore access to the downstairs Theatre space. The lift is self-operational, but if audience members have any questions or issues operating it, they can ask for assistance from our venue staff.

There is one wheelchair car park to the left of the Basement building - if audience members would like to reserve this parking space for their visit, they should email or call 09 309 7433.

Unfortunately Basement Theatre doesn’t currently have a hearing loop in either space. However, we are more than happy to reserve a seat close to the front and/or inform your audiences of the best place to sit to hear the performance. We also have complimentary ear plugs available at Basement - available over the bar.

Basement is a relatively dark venue - we have moody lighting in the foyer/bar space and at times both performance spaces may not be especially well lit. Our bar staff can assist Blind and Low Vision audience members who require assistance navigating the space.

Service animals are more than welcome at Basement. If your audience members have any questions about bringing them along, tell them to get in touch.

If audience members require a support person for any reason, they can purchase them a concession priced ticket online or at the door.

Audience-friendly access and inclusion information can be found on the Access page, which can be found either through the main hamburger navigation or by going to Visit Us and selecting the Accessibility accordion.