Artist Timeline

A handy timeline for getting your show into Basement so you don't forget a thing! Read the Marketing Timeline in the Marketing Your Show section for a specific guide to marketing.

Three Months Out

  • Create a budget for your show and have a meeting with Basement staff.

  • Have an information meeting with the Programming team.

  • If you are inviting schools then contact them now.

  • Send our Ticketing & Front of House Coordinator your images (check out Making Your Marketing Collateral for sizes), 100-word blurb and completed iTicket form. We can
    then get your tickets live! The Ticketing & Front of House Coordinator will give you a date for when we need these by.

Two Months Out

  • Contact APRA for music rights, they will send you a form to fill out.

Three Weeks Out

  • Send invites out for opening night and record them on the handy comps list template
    in Basement’s Google drive (Basement's Ticketing & Front of House Coordinator will send this link to you).

  • Book reviewers for opening night.

  • Give Basement's Technical & Facilities Manager your technical requirements if you have anything tricky in terms of set or lighting design.

Two Weeks Out

  • Send out a reminder to all those people you invited to opening night encouraging them
    to respond if they haven’t already.

One Week Out

  • Have a pack in meeting with Basement's Technical & Facilities Manager.

  • Send out a reminder of the date and time of the show to those people who have RSVP’ed to opening night.