Artist Timeline

Three Months Out

  • Create a budget for your show and have a meeting with Basement staff.

  • Have an information meeting with the Programming team.

  • If you are inviting schools then contact them now.

  • Send our Ticketing Manager your images (these are to be in the sizes mentioned in the
    Artist Handbook under Marketing), 100 word blurb and completed iTicket form. We can
    then get your tickets live! The Ticketing Manager will give you a date for when we need these by.

Two Months Out

  • Create your Media Release and send it to Basement's Marketing & Relationships Manager for sign-off.

  • Send out Media Release to long lead media e.g. Metro, North and South, Ponsonby News.

  • Contact APRA for music rights, they will send you a form to fill out.

Six Weeks Out

  • Have your poster and flyer design completed and send to Basement's Marketing & Relationships Manager for sign-off. They will then send them to print.

  • Start posting on your Facebook event page every now and then. Please note our Ticketing Manager will set up your Facebook event for you then make you an admin so you can post away!

Four Weeks Out

  • If you are distributing posters and flyers, get them on the streets now.

  • Send media release out to short lead media e.g. radio stations, NZ Herald, local papers.

Three Weeks Out

  • Send invites out for opening night and record them on the handy comps list template
    in Basement’s Google drive (Basement's Ticketing Manager will send this link to you).

  • Book reviewers for opening night.

  • Give Basement's Technical & Facilities Manager your technical requirements if you have anything tricky in terms of set or lighting design.

  • Send Basement's Ticketing Manager 2 x images/GIFs/content links you want posted on our Facebook page with some copy. We will roll these out accordingly. Please let us know if you want to put money behind boosting these posts.

Two Weeks Out

  • Start posting on your Facebook event page once every day.

  • Send out a reminder to all those people you invited to opening night encouraging them
    to respond if they haven’t already.

One Week Out

  • Have a pack in meeting with Basement's Technical & Facilities Manager.

  • Write your programme and make sure you’ve thanked everybody who has helped you
    along the way!

  • Send out a reminder of the date and time of the show to those people who have RSVP’ed to opening night.